Thank you for taking an interest in Mellow Moose Hemp, a brand-based-movement responsible for creating the world’s first and only Pursuit of Happiness Product line!

The Pursuit of Happiness, an unalienable right established by the Declaration of Independence, governs the intended use of our products. Our products are not Foods, Drugs, Cosmetics or Dietary Supplements, but rather tools to help humanity on its journey. They are not for the treatment, curing or prevention of any disease, as those are clearly defined intentions and actions regulated by the FDA. We do not define Happiness, as that varies from person to person.

When you stock your shelves with Mellow Moose Hemp you become a doorway to the Pursuit of Happiness, a better tomorrow. These products aren’t t just manufactured, they’re re allowed to live.

 Created by folks from different backgrounds, ethnicity and faiths, Mellow Moose Hemp is truly of the People, by the People and for the People.

Derived from organically and beyond organically produced Hemp, whether from our own Mellow Moose Farms or another farm meeting our strict standards for quality control and cultivation philosophies, Mellow Moose Hemp is a morally sound choice for those who truly care about our planet.

Just because it’s Hemp doesn’t mean it’s good hemp, and good hemp doesn’t mean ethically grown Hemp. You may not know the difference, but you can rest assured we do! That’s our job and we do it pretty darn well.